Posted by: Sandi | August 17, 2009

See you in September…

School will be back in session soon…so maybe I’ll be able to start blogging regularly again!

Thought I’d share this video of Jessica “entertaining” her grandparents and uncle.  She sings “It’s a Small World”, the end of “The Star Spangled Banner” and says the Pledge of Allegience…all in Jessica language of course!  Notice how she initiates the applause at the end of each tune.




  1. Been missing Jessica!

    I heard “that’s all, enough” clearly.

    Thanks! See you in Sep!

  2. very sweet, reminds me of someone I know.

  3. You’ve got to love the clapping! Great video!

  4. I missed this video when it was posted.

    I love seeing and hearing Jessica in action. Her laughter and smile have me smiling. Build that girl a stage!

    Sandi, thanks for your support at Mac and Melody. We enjoy your comments because clearly you “look” at the photos before expressing your thoughts on each. Means so much to us.

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