Posted by: Sandi | April 28, 2009

Special Exposure / Wordless Wednesday


Contemplating caterpillars.



  1. What a great spring photo. 🙂

  2. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a sweet picture that has lifted my spirits after hearing such sad news in our world tonight! I could gaze at this sweet picture ALL DAY!

  3. I’m with Misty. Beautiful shot.

  4. fantastic!

  5. It is amazing how as little children we love bugs crawling on us. Then we grow up and can not stand it! lol. Great photo:-)

  6. So sweet!

  7. catepillars are so fun

  8. That is a really sweet photo! I’m so glad you shared it with us!

    Thanks for stopping by my site! Happy WW!

  9. What a beautiful photo! I used to love collecting caterpillars when I was a kid.

  10. There she is! So happy to see this photo of Jessica! That blue is perfect on her. The catepillar…erm, so long as it is not near me!

  11. You take the greatest pictures! This one of Jessica is beautiful! Is she a bug lover?

  12. Great photo! We love bugs around here too!

  13. she is so engaged. lovely photo

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