Posted by: Sandi | April 13, 2009

Easter Fun

Jessica really looked forward to Easter this year…especially coloring eggs.



She was able to do it mostly by herself with just a little help from mom!




Did I mention she LOVES hard-boiled eggs?  I’m not sure the color was even dry on this one before she demolished it.  At least she peeled it this year!


And I should have figured her favorite gift from the Easter bunny would be a wind-up chicken that “poops” bubble gum 😉



  1. LOVED the hopping/pooping chickens when I was a kid!

    That independence is so nice, especially the not eating the shell part. lol!

  2. Jessica did an eggcellent 🙂 job dying her Easter eggs. I love the picture showing the eggshells. Love that her favorite was the chicken.

  3. i remember very clearly the picture of her egg last year!! LMAO!! it is definitely one of my fave blog pics EVER! but glad she decided not to eat the shell this time :). love to see how excited she was with easter and egg dying!

  4. ps, jaiden got that chicken too.. and he is also fascinated! LMAO! what is it with animals pooping?

  5. I’m with Misty. That post was sooooo funny last year! It’s one of my favorites too. But I’m sure the eggs were much tastier this year without the shell. Looks like you all had a great Easter.

  6. I might have to try to find last year’s post since I didn’t know about your blog last year.

    Great photos! We totally forgot to dye the eggs this year we were busy I guess. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow.

    I have to say I love that chicken!

  7. In reply to your comment on my blog, I would get a wii and wii fit in a moment if they weren’t so expensive! They are so much fun for all ages.

  8. Jessica did a great job with the eggs! I’m happy to know she doesn’t eat the shell anymore! I will have to get the kids a pooping chicken next year and check out the fun for myself.

  9. Good job on coloring those eggs Jessica. I checked out the post from last year and that was hilarious. Glad she took the time to peel this year! I wish I had a chicken that pooped gum. That looks really cool. Hope you had a good Easter.

  10. She did a great job. LOL on the pooping chicken. I remember when my boys had little plastic reindeer that pooped chocolate pieces. Eeeeeeeeewwww!

  11. makes me feel so hopeful, cyrus is now 2 turning 3 in november.

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