Posted by: Sandi | March 30, 2009

Nothing says Spring…


…like a new pair of lime green gardening boots!

Jessica is a bit obsessed with boots (that is an understatement).  She spent the early winter in a pair of pink, fur-lined snow boots…which she wore with everything.  Then for Christmas, she was given a pair of brown suede dress boots…which she wore with everything. You get the picture.

Recently, she spotted these babies sported by a little girl in a Joann Fabric sale flyer.   She had to have them.  She let me know at least 5 times a day she had to have them (girl green boots!  girl green boots!).

Because she so seldom asks for anything, I bought them.

All is now right in her world.



  1. Fabulous. They’d be my first choice too but I don’t if they come in an adult 10!

  2. soooooo cute! i want a pair!

  3. Those are stinkin’ cute!! She has good taste.

  4. Love the boots! That is so cute how she just had to have them. Sean used to hate shoes and never leave them on. Now we can barely get him to take them off – even for bed. The first thing he heads for in the morning are his shoes and he brings them right to us so we can put them on him.

  5. How great for her to get the boots she wanted! They are very cool ~ love the color!

  6. Adorable boots. Jessica you have great taste. Hope you have fun wearing them.

  7. the girls got some great taste- those are fab wellies!

  8. Nice job on the photographic emphasis!

  9. Thanks Barbara! I’m having a lot of fun with the many features my new camera has. The color isolation setting is a blast 🙂

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