Posted by: Sandi | March 28, 2009

SOOC Saturday

Slurping Life


The wind and the waves were a bit overwhelming at first.   It’s always good to have a big sister to hang on to.

Happy Saturday!  It’s great to be participating in SOOC again 🙂



  1. Ah yes. I’ve actually eaten supper tonight with my nine and a half year old on my lap, very naughty, very cuddly!

  2. So glad I’ve re-started SOOC. I’ve missed seeing Jes.

    This photo says more than words could ever convey. Love your eye on this one.

    Happy to have you re-join SOOC Saturday!

  3. What a very sweet picture! Nice to see a new post of Jessica!

    BTW, you can still plant daffodils right now. They will take a little while to come up and bloom, but then they will come up earlier next year.

    Hope you are having a good weekend!

  4. LOVE IT! what a sweet picture!

  5. Oh my! This just makes me miss my sister. What a lovely capture of Trust. Truly beautiful

  6. Beautiful shot !!!

  7. such a nice picture…..she’s really hanging on tight!! great work :o)

  8. beautiful photo! Sisters are Wonderful. It is always nice to know you have someone to hang onto when life is overwhelming.

  9. What a beautiful photo. I love this! Wow, this is really wonderful. =)

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