Posted by: Sandi | February 18, 2009

Because she Can-Can

Jessica has been hooked on doing the Can-Can recently (who knows why!?). She “sings” the music herself and kicks and twirls. So of course I had to get it on video!

Here’s another one -notice the artistic “flourish” she throws in- hehehe! At the end she is telling me to turn the camera around…she’s ready to watch herself!



  1. Great videos! I love the end when she wants to see her video 🙂

  2. Great videos! Hse does a great job! Love it when she wants to see herself the end!

  3. that is so adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love it!

  4. OMigosh….these are priceless! So cute!

  5. Agreeing with everyone above!

    So enjoyable to watch her enjoyment of movement! Fun to see her ‘flourish’ at the end – and I heard someone prompt her! The turn-around request was funny, too.

    Good technical work, Sandi! Most I can do is embed from YT.

  6. We totally love these videos! Our little guy loves music and dancing. Jessica is so adorable and her personality shines through her dancing. She must bring alot of joy and happiness to your family.

  7. Okay, Sandi, I’m assuming you have not been posting because you can’t can’t.

    Hope you and you family are all okay. You last big break was due to winter illness. Be well, Friend. Barbara

  8. What a performer! LOVED the flourish at the end and the request to “turn it around” so she could watch herself.

    So great! Jessica is so cute!

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