Posted by: Sandi | February 17, 2009

CdLS Blog Challenge: 25 Things about your child with CdLS

This week’s challenge is to list 25 Random things about your child/family member with CdLS so that we may get to known him/her better. Please also feel free also to do a post with 25 things about yourself!

25 Things About Jessica

1.   Jessica weighed 4 lbs. 3 oz. and was 17″ at birth.

2.  She LOVES to go for rides in the car.

3.  Airplanes are her favorite things.  She has a huge collection.

4.  Her sister is her favorite person.

5.  She is fascinated with hair.  If she finds a strand, she will show us and tell us whose hair it is (she is usually right!).

6.  She has an uncanny sense of direction and always knows when we are heading towards home…even when we are still several miles away.

7.  When she was a baby she was fascinated with ceiling fans, lights and vents.

8.  She started crawling at 10 months.  She walked at 23 months.

9.  The letter “R” is her favorite letter (and about the only letter she recognizes with any consistency).  We get sets of foam letters and she pulls out all the “R”s.

10.  She can count to 10 (with a little prodding).  5 is her favorite number.

11.  She loves to eat!  She especially loves cheese, dill pickles, and McDonald’s cheeseburgers.

12.  She loves music and likes to play it LOUD!!

13.  She knows tons of songs and can hum them note for note.

14.  She HATES having her picture taken.

15.  Jessica has been to three CdLS Conferences (Minneapolis, Dallas & Chicago) and two family gatherings.

16.  She loves to laugh and has a great sense of humor.  Right now she finds potty humor (anything about burping, farting, poop…sorry!)  hilarious.

17.  She is the only child I know who loves going to the dentist.

18.  She HATES having her hair combed.

19.  Her hair is wild and unruly and near impossible to do anything with, so combing it doesn’t do much good anyway!

20.  She loves looking at pictures.  Sales flyers are her favorites…the Sunday sale papers are like Christmas every week!  She also likes me to go on Google Images and print pictures for her.  Some of her favorite items for pictures are airplanes, buttons, eyeglasses, money and spray cleaner bottles.

21.  Her latest obsession is hair bands -the ones for ponytails, not the 80’s rock variety 😉

22.  She is VERY stubborn and opinionated.

23.  She has always been a good sleeper…which is a blessing because she never sits still when she is awake!

24.  She loves playing in water -bathtub or swimming pool- and we can’t pass a water fountain or hose without her wanting to get a drink.

25.  She makes us laugh every day.



  1. The comment about the hair bands made me laugh out loud!

    Jessica sounds like a lovely young woman. I hope I get to meet her (and you!) one day. I have been thinking about the conferences and wondering if it is realistic at all. I guess we have some time to think about it!

    That is amazing about her sense of direction! And I am obsessed with sale fliers too! Just got back with my haul from CVS 🙂

  2. Definitely go to a Conference if you have a chance. Its such an amazing experience! The Foundation has a scholarship fund for first time conference goers (covers the registration fees) and many service organizations are willing to help with funding as well.

    You’ll have to post about your CVS haul! I didn’t get to go yet this week.

  3. I’m reading lots of love and joy in that list!

  4. Great list! You’re right ~ Joey and Jessica do have a lot in common. One thing I forgot on his list is that he hates to have his picture taken too! I rarely get a good one of him. Love the hair band one ~ made me giggle. Thanks for sharing.

    P.S. And I agree with Sandi. Heidi ~ you should definately try to get to the next conference. It will change your life!

  5. Hi ladies I am saba from pakistan.I read ur blogs about ur kids with people r luky to havs proper guidence and eduction about the cdls syndrome but I am from a country where there is no proper guidance about this syndrome and I am also not in a finacialy strong position to take my daughter abroad to get proper guidance and daughter is three years old but meantaly she is 3months old .she can not walk, talk,hear,sit or do any thing at all buy her self . She moves her body limbs but have no control on them .she makes noise when she is excited or needs some thing.she hardly react to any thing nshe is fasinated with ceilings and fans. I want u to give me tips to raise her ,make her capible to comunicateand understand and physically be normal.

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