Posted by: Sandi | February 3, 2009

Special Exposure Wednesday

5 Minutes for Special Needs

Future art critic?


After winning Barbara’s (TherExtras) blog contest, she sent me this awesome art book -“Perez on Medicine.”  It was an immediate hit with Jessica who yelled “new book, new book!” when she saw it.  She loves looking at pictures, and absolutely adores pictures that have lots of detail and lots of things to look at – and these pictures fit the bill perfectly.

Now if only she’d let me look at it!


Happy Wednesday!



  1. Yes, Ricki is also very much a “hide what she is doing ” person. Whenever she dances, she doesn’t let me look–or dance!

  2. We all love books around here, too. Love getting new ones. 🙂 She does look like she’s enjoying that new book of yours! Here’s hoping you get a chance to enjoy it, too!

  3. Great photos! How wonderful that she enjoys looking at the new book 🙂

  4. [Big smile on my face!] Thanks so much, Sandi, for posting these photos! I am sooo pleased Jessica likes the book. I know you will enjoy it, too – whenever you get to look at it! lol.

  5. That is so neat that she loves books! Congrats to her for winning the contest!

  6. Great pictures! You can see she is enjoying the pictures. She is beautiful.

  7. Aha! The blogosphere hits real life, Horray! Good old Barbara! [less of the ‘old’ huh]
    Best wishes

  8. Sweet pictures. She looks like she’s really enjoying her new book!

  9. She is really into her book. She could teach my girls a thing or two about books!

  10. It sounds like that was the perfect book for Jessica!

  11. Looks like she really enjoys it! I love it when we find something my kids really take to :).

  12. Hi Sandi, I’ve not had time to do much blogging lately and just read your post on child-proofing. Isn’t it amazing how alike all our kids are? I think Sean and Jessica would get along fine. I love the picture of her looking at the book. Sean likes to look at pictures, too. Have a good weekend.

  13. Hi Sandi! Andrew loves books too, but will eventually tear all the pages out. We still try to stick to board books. Did Jess maybe grow out of that, or is she just good with books?

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