Posted by: Sandi | November 22, 2008

SOOC Saturday ~ A penny for your thoughts

Slurping Life


She was leaning against the bar of the swingset.  A rare, still moment in the course of her constant activity.  Caught up in a daydream -only noticing me just as I snapped the picture.  I wonder what she is thinking?

Happy Saturday!



  1. that is so cute. way to sneak that one in. i love her beautiful face! looks like she is comtemplating her next burst of energy! LOL!

  2. Another beautiful photo of your beautiful girl, Sandi. Her lip resting on the bar is esp enchanting. She has perfect skin. Can you see how her hair is always visible to the strand? Almost 3-D. Still makes me want to reach into the screne and tossle it with my fingers.

    If you ever get back to SA, let me know so we can meet! (It’s the new status among bloggers – you know – meeting someone you’ve met first through blogging! tehe!)

  3. I enjoy looking at her eyes,
    they are just stunning, in my opinion!

  4. I love how you perfectly captured that moment. It looks like she’s still lost in thought as she realizes you are there too.

    There’s a certain security in the photo… boy does that girl draw you in! 🙂

  5. Lovely!

  6. Lovely shot, and beautiful girl. I love those close up where they’re so serious.

  7. Alovely, contemplative look….I wonder as well! 🙂

  8. What a great picture!

  9. I can totally relate to the constant activity comment. The only time Joey is still is when he is sleeping. Beautiful photograph!

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