Posted by: Sandi | November 15, 2008

SOOC Saturday ~ Still Waiting

Slurping Life


Watching for turtles.  Waiting for sunshine.

Happy Saturday 🙂



  1. Love this photo!!

  2. Great photo! Thanks for making me smile!

  3. so so cute! i am loving her pink boots!

  4. I love your photos showing Jessica’s curiosity…this one included. Pink…must be here favorite color. 🙂

  5. I agree – a great photo SOOC – with some ‘technique’ involved – putting the subject on an angle. I just read about that at Pioneer Woman. And I’m impressed how Jessica and moves and explores.

  6. The pink boots are quite a fashion statement! Great photo! A very safe fence too!

  7. cool angle. Nice photo. Thanks for visiting over at fimby.

  8. If she finds the sunshine have her send it our way ~ we haven’t had any here for awhile either! :o) Great photo ~ love the boots!

  9. Aww, what a fun picture!

  10. I love the angle……
    I had to giggle at the little tootsies…..It reminds me so much of my twin nieces…..always on the wrong foot but they waddle around as though nothing could possibly be wrong!

    Great shot!


  11. Aw, that is totally cute!

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