Posted by: Sandi | October 25, 2008

Almost too pretty to eat!

I’ll be the first to admit, I am not much of a cook.  But I do love going through the fresh produce section at the grocery store.  I love the look and feel; the artistic display of all the bright colors and textures.  The more exotic produce (well, exotic compared to our usual fare of potatoes, carrots or green beans) always catches my eye  -and I’d buy if only I knew what the heck to do with them when I got them home!

On my last grocery trip, I just couldn’t resist a display a of beautiful autumn squash.  After looking them over, I realized each variety had a big sticker on it with EASY cooking instructions.  I was sold!!  I decided on two -a Carnival squash (looks like a multi-color pumpkin) and an acorn squash.

They looked so pretty and festive sitting on my kitchen counter, I almost didn’t want to cook them!  I let Jessica choose which one she wanted to try first -she chose the carnival squash.  It only took a few minutes to prepare, and we thoroughly enjoyed it.  It tasted almost like a sweet potato.  We’ll try the acorn squash tomorrow.




  1. I have never cooked a squash! What a great idea that they put the cooking instructions on them. You’re right, they do look very decorative.

  2. Ooooo, I love squash. I thought you were going to say Jessica wouldn’t let you cook it. 🙂

    Love the photo of J. She has the most beautiful dark, long eyelashes. *sigh*

  3. now those are some picture perfect pumpkins!

  4. I love acorn squash, though the kind we have around here is a dull green and not a pretty orange like you have. I’m glad you enjoyed it! It sounds like it was great.

  5. You are right ~ they are pretty. I especially love the one in the first picture on my left.

  6. I love squash, especially butternut squash! I’ve never seen a carnival squash before.
    They definitely look yummy!

  7. Thanks for visiting today. I hope you will participate. The Mr Linky will be open all week. You’re right that virginia isn’t too far, but PA and VA are both BIG states!

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