Posted by: Sandi | September 27, 2008

SOOC Saturday ~ Go for it!

Slurping Life

I took this photo a few years ago, but it’s one of my favorites!

It was a freakishly warm day in November.  We had all just gotten over colds and were in the grip of a horrible case of cabin fever.   I figured it would do us good to get out in the sunshine.

This was the first time we’d taken Jess to this particular park.  Normally, this is a child who must slowly warm up to new experiences.  This time, however, she immediately dropped to her knees in the wet sand (as witnessed by her pants legs!) and began scooping it up by the handful.  A few seconds later, as I was snapping away, she jumped up and decided to give the water a try.  I managed to capture her just as her toes hit the water.



  1. perfect timing!

    I adore those rare warm fall days – sounds like you guys knew just how to enjoy it!

  2. What a precious moment you have caught with your camera!

  3. Awesome catch! And what a delightful sensory experience, water is so facinating!

  4. Don’t you love those moments when they go for it? (well, most of those moments anyway)

    I can feel her determination heading for the water in this shot. Good one.

  5. Go for it Jessica! What fun. Great pic.

  6. What a lovely shot!

  7. Love the picture!!

  8. LOVE IT! since you bagan posting the sooc posts, i have been trying NOT to edit my pics! or at least take some decent ones. i think i have one that i will try to share. i will click over to see what the rules are.

    LOVE your pictures. jess looks like she is having a wonderful time!

  9. Great shot! How often do we get to act with wild abandon in this life? Good for Jess :0)

  10. What a great picture, I love it! She looks like she’s really enjoying the water 🙂

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