Posted by: Sandi | September 24, 2008

Special Exposure Wednesday ~ Gifts

Twelve years ago today you came into the world -all 4 pounds 3 ounces of you- with a head-full of hair and the quietest cry I’d ever heard.  We loved you immediately.  As the doctors pointed out your “dysmorphic” features, all we saw was how beautiful you were.

When you were two months old, our world was turned upside-down.  Cornelia de Lange Syndrome.  A devastating diagnosis with a strange name.  We were given dire predictions of all the things you would never do.

We grieved.  But not because of you.  We grieved the loss of a dream.  We were angry.  But not at you.  We were angry at fate, a fate that would allow a child to suffer.  And we were scared.  But not of you.  We were scared of the unknown, of what the future held.  You, we loved.  Totally.  Completely.

The past twelve years have been challenging (very challenging!), but also richly rewarding.  Watching you grow and learn.  Watching you do the things they said you wouldn’t.  Cheering your accomplishments.  Delighting in your feisty personality.  You have taught us so much and we are blessed to have you in our lives.

So today, while wrapping your birthday gifts, I reflect on all the gifts you’ve given me.  And I realize how truly rich I am.

Happy Birthday Jess.



  1. Happy Birthday Jessica! I am honored to know you!

  2. Happy Birthday Jessica! What a beautiful post. Thank you so much for sharing your heartfelt emotions. Love the picture too!

  3. Happy Birthday to Jessica! Lovely post!

  4. What a moving post! I’m in tears, totally relating to what you wrote. “I reflect on all the gifts you give to me”—beautiful!
    What a beautiful, special tribute to your daugter. Thank you for sharing!

    Happy Birthday Jessica! Very special children must be born in Sept. we just celebrated Myah’s birthday too!

  5. Hope she has a wonderful birthday to go with that very pretty smile. Great post.

  6. Happy Birthday, Jessica. I hope you enjoyed that cake. I wish I had a piece!

    Great post, Sandi. Jessica is a very lucky girl to have you for her mom.

  7. Happy birthday, Jessica! Beautiful post, Sandi.

  8. That was beautiful! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JESS!!!!

  9. Okay this one brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful thing to write about your beautiful daughter! Happy Happy Birthday Jessica!

  10. That was beautiful! It brought back memories of reading “dysmorphic” in my son’s chart. I’ll never forget that.

    Thanks for writing that. It reminded me again that the world is full of possibility, no matter what the doctors say.

    Happy birthday, Jess!

  11. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes for Jess!! 🙂

  12. What a beautiful post! I hope she had a wonderful birthday 🙂

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