Posted by: Sandi | September 17, 2008

Special Exposure / Wordless Wednesday

Eggs?  I don’t see no stinkin’ eggs!
Easter ~ 2006

Easter ~ 2006

We were beginning to wonder if she needed glasses!  Though more likely a spiderweb, a blowing leaf, or the pattern on the downspout caught her attention and she forgot all about the egg hunt.

How many do you see? 😉



  1. 🙂 Great story behind that photo!!

  2. Wonderful story-in-a-photo! (If the dots of color up in the left-hand flower pot are eggs, I see seven; if they’re flowers, I see four!)

  3. Oh, that’s too cute! I have a highly distractable child who frequently puts his homework in the fridge and the mayo in his bookbag. I can sort of relate.

  4. LOL – we had to switch to plastic eggs with treats inside to keep Frog focused on the egg hunting task. Drives Diva nuts – because she can see them all!

  5. Haha! Great shot! I think I see 5 eggs?

  6. I count 5 – am I close? Great photo – she is really interested in something!

  7. Too funny! Spiderwebs are much more interesting than eggs. Right? Kids. You can never figure them out.

  8. I counted 6 but I’m not sure about one of them, could be a yellow leaf :). What a cute picture, I can see how the other stuff around could be distracting, there’s a lot to look at! My sons have difficulty searching for things too, one time we played hide and seek and I was literally laying on the bed with a pillow over my head… I think they must have been distracted b/c it took them a bit to find me, they walked into the room but didn’t even look at the bed the first time. I know they are easily distracted and also b/c of sensory issues they have a hard time tuning things out, so either they take it all in (and it’s overwhelming) or they tune it all out…

  9. Looks like something my Angel Eyes would do!!

    thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!! I hope to “see” more of you!

  10. Great picture. We would stand Sean right over an egg and he would just stand there and the little ones would swoop it right out from under him. I guess eggs must bore them! I spy five eggs.

  11. How funny! I counted 5 too!

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