Posted by: Sandi | September 14, 2008

CdLS Blog Challenge – Simple Pleasures

This week’s blog challenge posed the question –what are your “simple pleasures” in life?

~ A tall glass of iced tea

~ Curling up with a good book

~ Cool evenings spent sitting on the porch listening to the night “music”, or taking walks by the water.

~ the trees in Autumn

~ Popcorn-n-Movie nights with my daughter

~ Thunderstorms (love to watch them!)

~ Playing Scrabble or Canasta with my family

~ Beads!  I love buying them, the look, the feel, and creating jewelry with them.

~ Blogging 🙂

Additionally, Heidi at GGIP asked if we felt our pleasures were drawn more from simple things since having a child with special needs:

I’ve always been a homebody and preferred keeping things simple.  So in that respect, having a child with special needs hasn’t changed anything.

What I have found is I’ve had to sometimes find new ways to enjoy some of my simple pleasures.

For example, I used to do a lot of drawing, painting, and crafts of all sorts.  But these involved lots of prep and clean-up, as well as lots of things you didn’t want a child ingesting!  So I had to look for non-messy, no-cleanup ways to indulge my creative side.  Fortunately, web graphics and digital scrapbooking fit the bill.  And I also bead (thanks Christy!) since it only requires a few tools and I can keep everything packed away in a box.

If you participate in the CdLS Blog Challenge, please make sure to post your link at Heidi’s blog GGIP so we can all visit!



  1. Thanks for answering my question.

    Reading a book is a simple pleasure and it is great that we are going to get to see the Fall leaves soon!

  2. I completely agree with beads and autumn trees. Two wonderfully simple pleasures. 🙂

  3. I forgot to add thunderstorms to my list! I love a good storm too, as long as it doesn’t get too dangerous for any one. I love the smell of the rain and hearing the thunder rumble.

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