Posted by: Sandi | September 7, 2008

CdLS Blog Challenge – Grandparents Day!

Today is Grandparent’s Day!

Our challenge this week is to blog about the impact of grandparents on our child with Cornelia de Lange Syndrome.
Jessica with her MaMa & PaPa ~ Sept. 1996

Jessica with her MaMa & PaPa ~ Sept. 1996

“When a child is born, so are grandparents”

When you think of grandparents, you think of love, hugs, kisses, warmth, homemade cookies, being spoiled, an ear to listen, a soft place to fall.

Grandparents are never too busy to play make-believe, sing silly songs, or read you a book…even if it’s for the tenth time in a row.

They think everything you say and do is the cutest, most interesting, most brilliant thing ever!

They tell you fascinating stories about the “good ol’ days” and love to tell you every silly, naughty thing your parents ever did when they were kids.

Grandparents bless us with their grace, wisdom, patience and unconditional love.

Jessica and her grandparents have a special bond.  They have been there for her, and for us, since day one.  Their love is boundless and they love to spoil her!

While some people look at Jessica and only see “flaws”, to her grandparents she is perfect.

Please take a moment today to celebrate grandparents everywhere.



  1. What a sweet photo! That’s very nice that they have a special bond.

  2. love that picture and love to see jessica as a tiny little one!

  3. Grandparents are the best. I miss mine dearly.

    That is a precious photo and will be cherished forever.

  4. What a wonderful photo! I wish my son lived closer to his grandparents.

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