Posted by: Sandi | August 31, 2008

“Looking Back” Sunday

I love family photos.  As a kid, I could spend hours looking through family albums or watching old home movies.   There was something fascinating about seeing yourself as a baby or seeing photos of your parent’s lives back before you even existed!  And now with kids of my own, I have an almost embarrassing number of albums and boxes full of photos of them during every stage and event of their lives.  Hey, every moment is a photo-op!!   So, I thought it would be fun to dig through the old photos and share some here every Sunday.  Feel free to join in, I’d love to see your old family photos too!

Here’s one of me at about 10 months old and photos of my two girls at about the same age.

It's me and my trusty friend froggy ~ 1963

It's me and my trusty friend Froggy ~ 1963

Amanda & my mom ~ Summer 1992

Amanda & my mom ~ Summer 1992

Jessica ~ 1997

Jessica ~ 1997

Tag,  you’re it! 😉



  1. FUN!! i will try to do this by next sunday!! :)!! love those pictures!

  2. Neat pictures! And you can really see the resemblance. 🙂

  3. I adore peeking into other’s family albums. Thanks. What a cute baby were you.

    Maybe I’ve said this before, but Jessica is so beautiful. I look into her dark, soulful eyes and get completely lost.

  4. I too love looking at family photos.

    You sure passed along some adorable faces to your little ones!

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