Posted by: Sandi | August 29, 2008

Mom went to a concert and all I got was this “Cheap” hat

Jess in her "Cheap Trick" hat ~ Aug. 28, 2008

Jess in her "Cheap Trick" hat ~ Aug 2008

Either the planets aligned or a certain place, very far south, froze over -because something amazing happened!  I got to go out.  Sans kids.  In public.  With other adults.   Whoa!

My head is still reeling.

How did this happen?  The company I work for has box seats at a local concert venue .   My boss nominated me for an employee appreciation award and I received tickets and a VIP parking pass to the Journey/Heart/Cheap Trick concert (all bands I loved back in the 70’s/80’s).  I was going to give the tickets away figuring I wouldn’t be able to go, but my friend Debbie convinced me I needed a night out.  She said she’d go with me, and Amanda agreed to babysit Jess.  So it was settled.

I was a bit nervous about leaving the kids…I tend to go on overdrive and imagine every possible horrible thing that could go wrong…but they did just fine.  We had a great time -I could definitely get used to the VIP treatment (close parking, box seats, servers bringing our food right to our table)-  and the weather, which normally would have been sweltering this time of year,  was absolutely gorgeous; cool with a nice breeze (we were in an open-air pavilion).

Cheap Trick was pretty good (they were the only band that had merchandise in pink -hence Jessica’s hat!); Heart was amazing…those ladies can still ROCK!  Journey was good, but a bit disappointing…just not the same without Steve Perry.  And of course, sitting back and “people-watching” was a blast too.

All in all, a pretty awesome evening.  This was the first concert I’ve been to in about 20 years (yes, I’m old) but now I think I’ve caught the concert bug.  Think I’ll head over the to TicketMaster site!



  1. I am so jealous! Those are some of my favorite bands too from the “good old days”! Heart rocks. I saw them back in the 80’s as one of my first concerts. Glad you got to go out and have a good time! Love the pink hat!

  2. Good for you! Live music is so fun & it sounds like you had the perfect night.

  3. Sandi–I’m so glad you got to go out! I’d jump at the chance to see those bands, too! Debbie is a great friend to convince you go to and Amanda was wonderful to babysit. You deserved it. I saw Heart back in the 80s and have always been a big fan of theirs even today….their greatest hits CD is in my car CD player as we speak! We are actually going to see Styx tomorrow night at our state fair. Depending on whether or not Dave wants to go, we may have to take Baylee with us (admission to the concert is included in fair admission), so hopefully I won’t miss too much taking her to the potty every half hour.

    Cool hat, too….sounds like Jessica is really digging hats and hair decor these days! That’s a big milestone for our girls!

  4. Great hat…..and sounds like it was a perfect concert!
    And yes…you should do that more often!

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