Posted by: Sandi | August 20, 2008

Special Exposure Wednesday

Jessica ~ Aug. 2008

Jessica ~ Aug. 2008

So this is a kid who has a love-hate relationship with accessories, particularly of the hair type. She HATES having anything on or around her head and face or on her arms. She will not wear hats, hair bands, barrettes…and I thank my lucky stars she doesn’t need glasses! Yet, she is fascinated with all these things and likes to try them on every once in a while. Her older sister has been waging a losing battle trying to tame Jessica’s wild, unruly hair -she attacks it with grim determination, a flat-iron and all manner of hair bands –only to have Jessica undo it 10 seconds later.

Yesterday Jess went to visit relatives and came home with a handful of plastic headbands, sunglasses and bracelets. She insisted on taking these when we went for our daily car ride. Normally they would never leave the seat beside her…so imagine my surprise when I turned around and there she was, sunglasses on, all 3 hair bands in her hair, a bracelet on her arm, and feet propped up on the back of the passenger seat! Apparently she’s been paying attention during Big Sister’s fashion sessions. It was so funny, I had to snap a photo when we got home!

Just call her Ms. J-Cool 😉



  1. WAY cute!!! She is beautiful!!

    Happy SEW!!!

  2. I love it! Great picture!

  3. She looks great in shades!

  4. A certain style and colour co-ordination.

  5. Oh my gosh…that photo is CLASSIC! LOVE IT! It deserves enlargement and custom framing. 🙂 I sometimes wish Baylee had a fashion forward sister whom she could do girly things with. With enough prodding from a sister, she might wear things in her hair, too! I hope Jessica’s new interest in fashion continues!

  6. look at her all glammed up!! she looks like a movie star!! 🙂 love this photo of the girly girl!

  7. That is so cute. It’s amazing how much influence big sisters have!

  8. Too funny! You never can tell with these guys! There’s proof that we should never give up! She looks so grown up.

  9. Love the hair! We never know what to expect from our kiddos!

  10. I love it and I love the glasses!

  11. What a great look, she definitely pulls it off! Very cool

  12. She looks like a movie star! Sounds like she gave you a fun surprise.

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