Posted by: Sandi | August 13, 2008

Special Exposure / Wordless Wednesday

Jessica ~ Outer Banks, NC ~ Summer '98

Jessica ~ Outer Banks, NC ~ Summer '98

We were marveling at how the child who never sits still was sitting so still. Then I noticed her hiney was wedged in the gap of the beach chair. I think her expression says it all….”Really? I’m stuck in this undignified position and you’re taking a picture?”

Happy Wednesday!



  1. It is such a great expression on her face! I hope you have a photo with those cool sunglasses too!

  2. LOL!!! What a sweet, funny picture!

  3. Ah! I didn’t notice her hiney placement at first! Too cute!

  4. That is so cute~

  5. That is a great picture.

  6. Great picture!!!

  7. What a cute picture!

  8. I love it!! Made me laugh out loud. So cute!

  9. Love to look on her face :0) Great picture – thanks for sharing!

  10. great photo! her expression says it all.

  11. That is so funny! She is such a cutie. 🙂

  12. Such a great photo! She is a doll!

    Thanks for visiting today!

  13. Oh that’s hysterical!! Too much junk in her trunk and now it’s stuck. Perhaps all your seats need a little more space in the back and she’ll stay stationary longer.

  14. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! ok, that is one of my favorites! what a sweet little munchkin, and how dare that chair slow her down like that?????

  15. LOL, the photo is priceless, but your words added so much fun! She was and is a cutie.

    Melody 5M4SN

  16. That is so cute! Love your caption, too funny 🙂

  17. LOL! That is too funny; although I’m sure she didn’t think so 🙂 Kayla can’t sit still either – I’m a little worried about how she’s doing all day in Kindergarten!

  18. Yeah you’re right with her expression, and look like the eyebrows, as if she wanted to say “i’ll get even with you guys”..but she’s such a sweet beautiful girl..such an angel

  19. Too funny! Maybe I should try that with my toddler! By the way, thanks so much for stopping by my blog! It sounds like you love blog carnivals just as much as I do, so I just wanted to let you know that I’m starting one of my own on Monday, August 18th, – with prize attached! Thought you might want to check it out. Hope to see you again soon!

  20. Now that looks deeply uncomfortable but we too would be celebrating if anyone ever sat down too. [it appears to be a skill that we have yet to master]

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  22. How funny! That’s such a cute picture!

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