Posted by: Sandi | August 10, 2008

CdLS Blog Challenge – National Lazy Day

How can you not like a day celebrating laziness! Though it’s hard to do with a child who is the human equivalent of the Energizer Bunny and requires constant attention, we do try our darndest to be lazy. So, while we’ll probably never have a true lazy “day” we have lazy “moments” down to an art form.

Some of the things we did and didn’t do:

– Jessica and I went for a leisurely car ride this morning…and we didn’t brush our hair *gasp*

– I did however drive as though I were on a “Sunday drive” (okay, so it was Sunday)…meaning that car horns throughout our town got quite a workout and I’m sure we made a few people late for church đŸ˜‰

– I didn’t go grocery shopping.

– We spent exactly 10 seconds playing airplanes in the yard then collapsed in the hammock.

– I took a rare nap!!

– We had cereal for lunch (too lazy to fix anything!)

– Now that Jessica is in bed for the evening, I’m vegitating in front of the computer.

Once I work up the energy to roll out of my computer chair, I’ll go veg in front of the TV until bedtime.

Happy Lazy Day!

If you’d like to participate in the CdLS Blog Challenge, head on over to GGIP. A new challenge will be posted every Sunday.


  1. sounds like a wonderful day!!!!! Jessica looks so cute and happy!

  2. Hi! I unfortunately didn’t get my nap and since I was starving, i had to go to the grocery store, but I think I still had moments of laziness too!

    We DID have strawberries and doughnuts for dinner (no kidding) so that was lazy. I LOVE cereal for lunch!

    My older boy is an energizer bunny, so I think I would have to start drinking energy drinks if the baby turns out to be too!

    Thanks for participating. This is fun!

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