Posted by: Sandi | July 7, 2008

CdLS Conference 2008

Well, we’ve been home from the CdLS Conference in Chicago for a week now and I am just getting around to posting.

Conference was amazing, as always. A big THANK YOU to the families who made up the Conference Committee as well as the many volunteers, they did a spectacular job. The weekend was joyous, emotional, overwhelming at times, and heartwarming. We reconnected with old friends and made new ones. Best of all was the sense of belonging…to be in a place where others truly understand, where your child is not only accepted, but is the center of attention…in a good way!

Sadly, it always seems to end too soon. I find myself in a bit of a funk after returning home…wishing I’d had more time to talk to friends, taken more pictures, met more families. One funny thing that always seems to happen…must be some “post-conference” phenomena…the first time I encounter a crowd (store, park, etc.) after conference I find myself looking around at everyone expecting to see people I know. Maybe it’s just me? šŸ˜‰

Anyway, we had a great time while we were there. My friend and co-worker, Debbie, attended with us to help care for Jessica…she is wonderful with Jess and I can’t say enough good things about her! Jessica did really well and seemed to enjoy herself. She loved the indoor pool and she was really looking forward to the “Dance” (Saturday night celebration) and was asking about it from the moment she got off the plane. By Saturday evening though, she was pretty tired so she spent a good deal of time hiding out under the table.

She’d pop out on occasion and dance or grab some food. She even surprised us by heading out to the dance floor and grabbing an unsuspecting man to dance with. I think he might be the man that won the raffle for the 100 lottery scratch tickets…in that case, good job Jess!! Smart girl, hehe šŸ˜‰

And she definitely slept well after all the dancing…

We’re looking forward to Dallas in 2010!!!!!!




  1. It was really nice to meet you all! Jessica is a doll. I recognized her the moment I saw her and felt like I knew her. And it was so nice to see both your daughters interact. It made realize how much I’d like Hope to have a sibling.

    I feel bad you didn’t get a chance to hold Hope but hopefully next time. Joel and I are really glad we went and we’re hoping we can make it to Dallas in two years.

    Great job on the photo book too! It is BEAUTIFUL.

  2. Hi Sandi!

    It was great seeing you again at conference and especially meeting Jessica for the first time. She seemed to be on her best behavior. Of course, I didn’t see what went on behind closed doors…

    I also have the feeling after conference that at every turn I will see someone I know or see another CdLS kid. It’s weird. You get so comfortable at the hotel while everyone is there. It’s kind of a lonely feeling when we’re thrown back into the real world.

    Conference was awesome though, as always. I was bummed I didn’t win the photo book, but I just ordered 3 today. One for me, one for my mom, and one for my sister-in-law who is an awareness coordinator and will really appreciate the beautiful book. The book inspired me.

    This blogging inspires me too. I’m trying to set one up and I think I’ve accomplished that. I may be in touch soon for a bit of help though. Talk to you soon.

    Beth Patitucci

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