Posted by: Sandi | May 31, 2008

First School Dance

Last Friday, Jessica’s school held their first Prom. It was technically for the graduating class but everyone was invited to attend. For days beforehand, Jessica talked about going to the “dance.” Since she seldom gets excited about social events, I decided we were definitely going! Amanda and I were her “dates”–though I’m sure she would have preferred her schoolmate who she’s been crushing on for years 😉

I wasn’t sure how long Jess would last -she becomes easily overwhelmed in crowded or noisy environments. But once again she surprised us! She had a great time, mostly walking around saying “hi” to her teachers and friends and looking at the decorations…she even “busted a move” here and there. When things got to be too much she would find a spot near the wall and sit on the floor until she felt like wandering again. However, when they brought out the limbo stick and started playing the limbo song she lit up. The limbo seemed to be the highlight of the night for all the kids. After that we decided to head home. Jessica protested, but she was really dragging and ready for bed. What a great evening! She is already asking if she can go to the dance again.

Amanda & Jessica getting ready for the dance.

Practicing her dance moves before we leave!

On the dance floor…literally 😉

Limbo queen!



  1. How awesome! It looks like Jessica had a really fun time.

  2. Her outfit is CUTE! I loved the limbo photo. It seems she enjoyed the dance.

  3. VERY CUTE!! love the update and to see the fun she had!

  4. Great photos, Sandi! Sounds like a wonderful date-night! Tell her the next dance will be at conference. See you there!

  5. Go, Jessica! It looks like she had a lot of fun. I love that all three of you went. And the limbo picture is super cute.

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