Posted by: Sandi | March 22, 2008

Happy Easter


Bet you’ll never guess what we did today 😉

So, after listening to Jessica screech “eggs, eggs, eggs!” for half an hour I finally gave in and boiled the eggs for the kids to color. Jess and I made the boring traditional color eggs and Amanda made the cool multi-color ones (wet a paper napkin with vinegar and then randomly drip food color on the napkin, then wrap it around the egg…warning, its very messy!).

Jessica approved of the results.




And found the eggs quite amusing.




And this is the result of leaving her alone with the eggs for a moment:



Guess she likes them crunchy. Happy Easter everyone!



  1. that is priceless!!!!!!!!! so cute!!

  2. Very cool eggs, especially the colorful ones, and awesome photos of Jessica.
    I suppose a little extra calcium never hurt anyone!

  3. I love looking at Jessica’s photos, her smile is adorable!!! As for that bite… LOL!!!

  4. Oh dear!!! I hope she didn’t swallow the shell!

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