Posted by: Sandi | March 1, 2008

Blog Challenge: Jessica 101

Many thanks to Sonia and Christy for this fun blog challenge!

1. At birth, Jessica weighed 4 lb. 3 oz. and was 17″ long.
2. She is now 4′ tall and weighs 71 lb.
3. As a baby, she once scared the daylights out of a grown woman who thought I was carrying a doll…until Jess started moving.
4. Jessica loves to be the “boss.”
5. Once at the pharmacy she had the entire line of people behind me clapping (see #4).
6. Jessica loves airplanes. She has a growing collection.
7. She loves music…the louder the better!
8. Sponge Bob & Goofy are her favorite cartoon characters. Not sure why because…(see #9)
9. She hates to watch TV.
10. Her favorite foods are cheeseburgers, dill pickles, yogurt, fruit, green beans.
11. She thinks ketchup makes a fine meal…the fries are just utensils.
12. She thinks soap, lotion & toothpaste should be an official food group on the USDA food pyramid.
13. All toiletries in our house are under lock and key (see #12).
14. Jessica is always on the go, she rarely sits down.
15. She is very bossy.
16. She is the only person I know who loves to get junk mail.
17. She loves looking at magazines, sales fliers, and newspapers.
18. She also has quite a horde collection of them (see #17)
19. Her bedroom looks like a tornado hit it (see #18)
20. She loves to play in the bathtub.
21. Her laugh is infectious! She is always giggling about something.
22. She has a great sense of humor. She fancies herself quite the comedian…(see #23)
23. If you don’t laugh at her pratfalls, she will remind you that she is funny…and continue to do so until you laugh.
24. Did I mention she was bossy?
25. Jessica loves going for car rides. We go everyday. The entire neighborhood thinks we are stalkers.
26. She is fascinated with animals, but also afraid of them.
27. She talks a lot now, but is hard to understand sometimes.
28. Her favorite word is “NO.”
29. She loves to mimick what others say and do. Sometimes she will play out “scenes” from her day. She plays all the parts herself. We haven’t decided if this is cute or scary šŸ˜‰
30. Her big sister is her favorite person.
31. She makes us laugh everyday.
32. We wouldn’t trade her for the world.



  1. Sandi,
    Great 101!! I could have put #11 on my blog, but I didn’t think of it! All Baylee needs is one french fry….it will last until all the ketchup is gone. Thanks for the chuckles…many others could have fit Baylee as well, I just wasn’t smart enough to think of them at the time.

  2. lolololol I laughed out loud about the tomato ketchup come to comment and see Sandy beat me to it…Rosie does not need he chips her fingers will do the job justas well and she has been known to have the botle to her lips !!!


  3. hello there! i don’t mind at all that you added us to the blog roll! i did the same! it was nice learning about jessica! i came across your page back in november when we first heard of cdls. i’m very glad to get to know everyone out there with cdls kiddos!!

  4. O my gosh Sandi, I laughed long and hard, especially at # 3… something very similar happened to me.

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