Posted by: Sandi | December 15, 2007

11 Year Check-Up

We took Jessica to the pediatrician on Thursday for her yearly check-up. The first shock was that she did so well, sitting nicely in the waiting room and then again in the exam room (we’re still not quite used to the “better behaved” Jessica). The second shock occurred when they put her on the scale…71.4 lbs!! And here I was thinking her weight gain had leveled off only to find out she’s put on 10 more pounds since her last visit 3 months ago. That makes for a total of 26 lbs. she has gained since she started taking medicines for her behavior in May. She’s also grown an inch and a quarter and is now officially a 4-footer!

The doctor says her height/weight ratio is still okay, but he’s worried about the rapid weight gain and wants us to ask the child psychiatrist about switching to a medicine that doesn’t have weight gain as a side effect. Other than that her visit was fine. We left with referals to see an orthopedist (the toes on her left foot are bending to the left) and to check in with the heart doc (at her geneticist visit this summer they thought they heard a murmer).

She also got two shots while she was there. She was not happy, but she was quite stoic during the shots…only to throw a fit because the nurse put band-aids on her arm. Once she peeled off the band-aids -and threw them on the floor in a dramatic display of annoyance- she was perfectly happy and wanting to know if Daddy was taking her to get a burger 😉



  1. Sounds like a good check-up. How funny that she minded the band-aids more than the shots!

  2. Oh what a beautiful picure. Wow on te weight gain Rosie weighs 50lb now I thought that was huge for her…but she is stillwithout body fat really.

    Jessica looks aolutely beautiful as she is. Our kids ust have beauty built in!

    Tina (and rosie)

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