Posted by: Sandi | November 3, 2007

Which is Witch?


Hmmm…well they both have been known to ride a broom at times!

I thought it would be cute to post photos of Jessica and Marci (left) in their matching Halloween sweatshirts (made by Marci’s super-talented mom Vicki). Notice how they both hold the same arm up? They truly are “psychic sisters”…hehe! Vicki and I are always amazed at the similarities between these two even though they live 400 miles apart and have only seen each other in person a few times.

I swear that they communicate by telepathy. The first time Marci came to visit was about 8 years ago when Jess was only 2. Marci walked in the front door and proceeded straight to Jessica’s room –she’d never been in our house before! We all stood there dumbfounded. The two played in there happily for quite a while…I believe Marci used the time to impart all her strategies guaranteed to annoy parents wisdom to Jess.

The second time we got together was about a year later when Vicki and I co-hosted a CdLS family gathering. At some point Vicki noticed Marci (who I must point out loves hair bands…she wears them on her arm) had a number of hair bands on her arm that were not hers. We watched. Marci stood there as Jess ran around the room stealing hairbands from other kids and putting them on Marci’s arm. Tell me these two didn’t plan that!? 😉



  1. How funny and scary at the same time!

  2. I’m trying to zoom in on their sweatshirts with my computer, they are cute!! I love the thought of them having a special connection. This post made cracked me up!

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