Posted by: Sandi | October 28, 2007

Day at the Beach


The weather was so gorgeous today we decided to head to our favorite park. After a few days of much-needed rain, we had a bit of cabin fever and Jess had a ton of pent up energy to burn…so we were definitely happy to see the sunshine!


I got a quick shot during the exactly three seconds that Jess sat still!


Jessica loves to play on the beach. As you can see, sand is her favorite part…and we unfortunately end up bringing quite a bit of it home!


Burning off that energy! Someone will sleep well tonight 😀


We found this cool shell. First time we’ve found a spiral shell like this…and it was completely intact. We think (hope!) its empty 😮


Amanda found this…only we’re not sure what it is. Looks like some kind of bumpy green root. Interesting enough for a quick photo 😉

All in all, a fun day. Now time to go home and tackle the laundry…sigh!



  1. Beautiful pictures of your girls, looks like you had tons of fun.
    I especially loved the first one, what a bear hug! 😀

  2. Definitely looks like you guys had a good time. How lucky you are to live near the beach! Lovely photos.

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