Posted by: Sandi | February 8, 2007

Lesson learned

A belated Happy New Year to everyone!

We spent roughly half of it passing around a particularly nasty head cold…yuck! Jessica is the only one who managed to dodge the germs. In hopes of keeping it that way –aside from going through umpteen cans of Lysol– I had to be super vigilant at keeping our food and drinks out of reach (Jess thinks its all fair game). At least once a day she would ask me for a sip of my drink or a bite of my food and I had to tell her that she couldn’t eat or drink after me because I was sick. Though the answer seemed to satisfy her, I was never really sure if she made the connection that eating or drinking after us might make her sick too.

Well, I finally got over my cold. The other day I was drinking iced-tea (Jessica’s favorite!) and she asked me for a sip. I handed her the glass and she brought it all the way up to her lips then suddenly stopped, lowered the glass and glared at me suspiciously asking “Mommy all better”? 😀


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