Posted by: Sandi | October 12, 2006

Fast forward…

Jessica is now 10 years old…where does the time go? She has boundless energy, loves to laugh, and sees humor in almost everything. Her behavior continues to be a serious issue (I won’t go into details here, but I’m sure I’ll be sharing some rants and venting eventually), but in turn she can be very sweet, loving, and helpful when the mood strikes her.

Jess absolutely loves school and riding the bus. Her favorite class is P.E. …we also believe she has a bit of a crush on one of the teacher’s aides -she grins and hides her face if we say his name. Other favorite activities are riding in the car, listening to music, singing, dancing, spinning, and playing in the bath or sink. Jess has a healthy appetite for both food and non-edible things (soap, toothpaste and lotion being some of her favs…yuck!). We have to watch her closely as she has no sense of danger and can be quite destructive; our poor house bears the scars.

Jessica rarely plays with toys, preferring household items and odd little things she can carry around. She tends to “collect” and hoard things. The pantry is her favorite source (boxes of pasta, etc). She also loves to collect newspapers, magazines, books, sales flyers -spreading them out all over the floor to look at the pictures. Who needs Santa? –the mailman and paper carrier bring Christmas everyday! And she is probably the only 10 year old with a subscription to “Good Housekeeping” (courtesy of Grandma!)

Her #1 obsession though is airplanes. She LOVES them. She has toy airplanes, airplane books, airplane puzzles, pictures of airplanes and airplanes on her bedroom walls. When I asked her what she wanted to dress up as this Halloween she said (you guessed it!) “airplane.” Thank goodness for Ebay!

Well, I’ll wrap this up for now. If you’ve read this far…bless you, you must be tired, lol! It’s difficult to sum up 10 years all at once without getting a bit long-winded 🙂


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